ABOUT SPECIAL ORDERS - differences in pricing

We work on the base of your budget:

  • the athlete/parents decide about the budget available for the costume, your budget will be used in 100%
  • shipping costs are added up to the final costume price (between 20€-35€ up to country, Sweden from 100kr)
  • depending on your budget, a difference in materials used will be made (fabric, amount and quality of crystals, complexity of the costume design)
  • costumes at Dreamwing have a flexible for you price range between 450€ - to more than 2500€ in case of very complex, genuine Swarovski® decorated designs.

At Dreamwing® you can order your costume with the highest quality of crystal possible!
Dreamwing® has been accepted by Swarovski Brand Control to be able to purchase their crystals for use  in our artworks. 
Here with us, you can be more than sure, that the Swarovski Crystal you purchase on your costume is 100% genuine and original.
WE DO NOT SELL Swarovski® CRYSTALS separately!!

Below we present budget levels for 2024 and details in each budget area.
The pictures under each budget are past sample works within each budget range.

The exact budget you estimate after your spot is booked. 

Budget Bronze

from 450€-649€


  • 1-2 design to choose from
  • Aurora, Preciosa crystal mix
  • light airbrush work possible
  • maximum 3 colours on the costume
  • Italy originated fabrics

Budget Silver

from 650€-849€


  •  2 designs to choose from
  • Preciosa, Stellux(Austria) crystal mix
  • moderate airbrush work possible
  • middle complex designs
  • Carvico® fabrics

Budget Gold

from 850€

  • 3 or more designs to choose from 
  • genuine Swarovski® crystals
  • any airbrush work possible
  • complex to very complex designs
  • Carvico® or Chrisanne® fabrics

*Full airbrush* costumes:

 - are the costumes where over 70%  of the costume needs to be completely painted to achieve the desired effect. 

 -the airbrush work is a very time consuming process (very often only painting of such costume takes 6 or more hours!) hence there is a change of price from January 2024 for this type of costumes. 
Some examples of costumes from this category GOLD below. 

Do you need an extra design? Decision problems? Changed the program/routine in the middle of the process?
Each additional design creation not included in the budget:
Price €50.00 including VAT.