Creativity And Exclusive Creations

At Dreamwing® we only create our own designs.

First, there is nothing individual in the copy, it is just a copy that will never look like the original.
Second - We have a copyright law. The original designs always belong to the artists who created them (and the customers who paid for them).
We draw the designs in old-school style - on paper.

  • In order to draw the design, we need the music - it does not necessarily have to be the cut,  it is enough to name the title. 

  • Do you have images collected from the Internet? We can look at the images collected from the internet as an inspiration, this of course helps us see what style you want. 

  • Additionally, send us your wishes, colours, or special elements you want to have on the costume.

  • Legal notice: Please be aware that the sketch you have received is solely a hand drawing on a designer figure. The elements will be adjusted to real figures during the manufacturing process. As a result, variations in color (due to different materials) and design (body structure, etc.) may occur between the sketch and the final product. Complaints based on matters above will be declined by Dreamwing®.


Here is how you can send an inquiry / book a spot for your costume:

- through the webpage self (one of the *BOOK NOW* or *CONTACT US* buttons)
- write us email directly - info(.at)
After receiving a booking inquiry from you - we will be responding to you shortly.
After we booked your spot - a booking confirmation will be sent to you.

We hope to see you soon at Dreamwing®!

Individuality and art.. at it's best!

Dreamwing® is all about the individuality and the art.

Dreamwing® is NOT a mass production company, and we will never be one.
It is artistic work adapted to the athlete (YOU) and your program.
  • This is the reason why there are only limited places available in each month. If you book late, we may be forced to reject your inquiry.
  • For the summer months (August-October) we advice you to start booking in April!
  • Our goal is quality and individuality not a quantity.
  • To not rush through the completion of the costume artwork is very important - details have to be completed carefully and in a professional way.