For information about legal details, returns, shipping and payment policies please visit *Terms and Conditions* page:

How to order/book a spot:

-through the webpage self (one of the *BOOK NOW* or *CONTACT US* buttons)
- write us email directly - info(.at)
After receiving a booking inquiry from you - we will be responding to you shortly.
After we booked your spot - a booking confirmation will be sent to you.

Delivery and costs:
We deliver to any place of the World. Delivery costs vary from location and weight. Usually it is around 20-35€. Delivery costs are counted additionally to the costume order. You can trace your order after we sent it (separate email with shipping information is sent)

How to measure?

  • after booking of your spot you will get a measuring guide from us. 
  • You can also download the guide from our website here.
Dreamwing measurement chart.pdf

How long does it take to create a costume?
Current processing time is 3-6 weeks, may be longer in summer and pre-season months. Please make sure, that you are ordering in time, to receive the costume before competitions. If the spots for particular month are booked out - you will see it in the booking section  (no option available on a booking form).

How to wash the costume?

  • For the non-airbrushed costumes: yes you can handwash the costume, without soaking, in cold water and with only mild soap. Any sort of rubbing the fabric should be avoided. After washing, put the costume flat on the towel and let it dry out. Do not rinse.
  • Airbrushed costumes should be spot cleaned only. Please note that we heat set the airbrushing, however, there is always a chance that the color could slightly rub off if handled roughly. Please put it on and take it off with care. 

How many designs are you drawing?
That depends, how high your budget is (check pricing for more information)

Can I return a costume?
No, all the orders are made to your measurements, to your wishes and personal preferences.
More about no return policy for custom orders you can read here : EU return policy (exceptions)

If you received defective product. 

  • We accept the complaint if you wrote it within 7 days, and we will accept your complaint ONLY via email. 
  • Write the complaint, attach the photos confirming the defective costume, and send it to info(at)
  • Every reclamation case is processed up to 10 days after you sent us the complaint.
  • Having received the necessary information, we will inform you the result of your reclamation and offer you an optimal way to solve the problem.

I sent you inspiration pictures but the design I got from you doesn't look like the models I sent as an inspiration.

  • Exactly, the pictures you sent us are only inspirations. 
  • There are many factors which are important while creating the costume design and the most important is : budget. 
  • We will adjust your design to the available budget.

I ordered a costume from you but I had to pay extra custom fees at the delivery, why?

  • Yes, this is normal process all over the world. The buyer is responsible for any custom fees. We declare the goods automatically and put the invoice into the package in case customs need to check the shipment.